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Bridal wedding Double Lace Work veil GLVHL02 With Comb with Front Face Layer 3.5

Bridal wedding Double Lace Work veil GLVHL02 With Comb with Front Face Layer 3.5

SKU: GLVHL02 3.5 Doublelace Veil

Length 3.5 Meters Big Width Cut Work Heavy Sequence Work

  • GownLink is a brand in India. We specialize in designing and manufacturing wedding veils. With years of experience and a professional team, we can ensure the high quality of products. We always strive to provide the best quality products.
  • We have our own factory and tailors, we can provide you customized service of the veils, including the lace, style, length
  • Cathedral veil

The cathedral-style veil is the most luxurious type of veil, and it must be longer than the skirt. This majestic beauty gives people a sense of fairy tales of princesses and princes getting married. It is suitable for wedding venues such as large churches and castles. It looks grand and eye-catching.


Beautiful decoration of veils

Our veils will have excellent texture, lace edge sealing or nail bead decoration, satin velvet or grosgrain with pearls, a circle of small pearl string Satin velvet or flower edge will be sewn on the edge of the veil, and a circle of neat lace will also be sewn on the edge. There are also hand-twisted flowers and exquisite nail bead arrangements, which are infinitely increasing the romantic elegance of the veil.


Matching accessories: some small diamonds, crystals, pearls and other decorations will make your style more luxurious.

Where to wear: If you want to create a sense of romance, you can wear it on the top of your head; if you want to emphasize dignity and elegance, you can wear it on the back of your head.

Veil VS body type: fatter girls are not suitable for multi-layered veils, and they tend to have no curves as a whole.

Veil VS wedding dress: If the wedding dress design is very gorgeous, then it is best to choose a simple and elegant style for the veil, so that it is more primary and secondary.

Different attempts: It takes patience to find a veil that suits you, and you have to try more to know the final answer.



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